So many thanks to the Team in helping me through this first of the #comeback races.

I would not be able to do this without each of you! I also have to say how surprised to see how many people were following the event. Kinda chokes me up, unless everyone was waiting to see me press too hard again🤣 For the crew, I have to mention that they were there for every single runner that passed our station. Clapping and cheering for 600+ runners.

Sherry Carnahan and I made a few new friends in the Ultra community this weekend, not by what I did but by what the Team did. They didn’t remember me, they came by to meet the Team. Congratulations Sherry Carnahan, Paula Sandusky, Arlie Holman, Kelly Laurence Gosiewski, Tim Campbell, Robert Murphy, Julie Carr Bradshaw, Katy Bradshaw Geimer, Paul J. Gosiewski, Kay Olsen and our Grandchildren!

You all inspired, Motivated, Helped and made Smile every single person that ran! And a special Thank You to a most special Man, Eric Whittington. You have made countless people’s dreams come true to include my own. I am honored to call you Friend.

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