Come Run with Me by James Carnahan

Come Run With Me
and I’ll Show You What I See

My passion to capture the images around me while I run and flyfish has grown into this photo blog and now into something bigger, my first book! Filled with many of the same images you see here along with some new ones. Due out in 2024!

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Hi, I’m James “Opa” Carnahan!

Trail Runner | Ultra Runner | Flyfisherman

Hello and welcome to one of my favorite places on the internet, my photography blog! It’s the place where I share the images that surround me, mostly when I am running or flyfishing, in the hope that they might inspire or touch someone like they do me.  

Aside from being a husband, father and “Opa”,  I am twice retired (first from the Military and second from the parks system where I live). I currently work in our family business and although I am trying for a third retirement, the wife keeps saying “NO” – HA! 

Since I can’t fully retire again; when I am out of the office, I spend time running, fly fishing, and capturing all the beauty around me on camera. A while back I started posting my photos on social media and much to my surprise, people loved them and started looking forward to my daily posts. After encouragement from my family and friends, I started this blog  in 2016 during a time when my body started to give up and I had to make a change from a Trail Runner to an Ultra Runner.  That’s when the real story begins and when I started my daily photo inspiration.  I invite you to head on over to learn more at Opa’s Story, for the juicy details. 

Come Run With Me

and I’ll show you what I see

A runner most of his life, at the age of 59, trail and marathon runner, James “Opa” Carnahan ran his first 100 miler Endurance race. It was during his yearlong training that he discovered another passion, photography. The slower pace allowed him to see the wonders that surrounded him and the opportunity to capture it on camera. Come Run with Me is filled with many of those images taken throughout the trails and other locations in Northeast Ohio. Readers will be inspired, uplifted, encouraged and maybe even motivated to open their eyes to see what is in front and around them.