Good Morning, Everyone! I wanted to post a few more ‘wrap up’ photos from the Eagle Up Ultra race yesterday and tell you about something that made the race even more spectactular, all of the other 625 ultra runners!

When we arrived on Thursday #eagleupultra to set up camp the race director Eric Whittington asked James Carnahan to park a little down from where we normally do.

As it turns out it was the perfect spot for us. It allowed us to be butted up right next to the race route (see photos) so that the #oparunscrew could reach out and touch the runners, not just physically with hand slaps and fist bumps as they went by but to cheer and encourage each and every one. It was amazing for the crew to do this but even more amazing is the response we received from the runners. We had no idea just how much it effected them. Towards the end, runners who had finished the race came back to the campsite to thank us for helping them get through the race and to show off their medals🥇. One guy called us his ‘race family’ for the day.

WOW! How incredible a feeling this was! We are hoping that next year Eric will allow us to park there again and make supporting ALL the Eagle Up Ultra runners an annual tradition!! Congratulations to ALL the runners including those that may not have finished the race for a number of reasons. Just going out and trying is a HUGE WIN!!

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