Rise and Shine, Everyone! You’re looking at our wild and crazy #comebackkid!

Opa Runs

One year ago today many of you watched our posts as James made his way through to reaching 100k only to be shocked when I posted the picture of him being wheeled from the Ambulance into the ER after his body crashed only 2-1/2 miles from the finish line.

Now he is back. Only 3 months after having heart surgery (and still on post meds) he will first attempt the 50k (32 miles) and if he feels good he will move on to the 50 miler. There are no words to explain how proud of him. He never gives up and that is an inspiration. ❤️

The race starts at 6 am and so far we have our fantastic crew back Paula Sandusky and Arlie Holman Kelly Laurence Gosiewski and Tim Campbell will be helping out at different times of the day with Dr. Robert Murphy stopping by to give James Carnahan an adjustment to keep things in shape! All others are welcome to show up for support, crew or pace (especially needed after the 3pm hour if he goes for the 50 miler). If you know of anyone that can help send them our way! We will be at St. Helena Heritage Park in Canal Fulton. We hope to see you there! Go Opa Go! Eagle Up Ultra #thecomebackrace

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